Capella Pedregal’s Red Fizz Cocktail

June is here and we have begun with a serious countdown to our 2nd Annual Food & Wine Festival, A Taste of Capella, which we are hosting at the resort between July 10-14, 2013.  Our team is adding final touches to the program, events, decorations, menus, cocktails, and so on.

I was fascinated by our team at the Don Manuel’s Bar, who has prepared a list of 25 delicious new cocktails, which we will launch at the Food & Wine Festival.  The cocktails are inspired by the classics, but with our signature Capella Pedregal personality.  The cocktail bar theme at the festival will be “New Orleans”, and our team is preparing four unique cocktail bars.  Each bar will be offering drinks featuring either rum, bourbon, rye whisky or Mexican spirits (tequila, mezcal and artisan beers).  All herbs and infusions are made in house, and I have to say, they taste amazing!

Osvaldo Vazquez, the Head Bartender at Capella Pedregal, was kind enough to share with us a recipe for the Red Fizz Cocktail, which we will be serving on our opening night of A Taste Of Capella.

Capella Pedregal's Red Fizz Cocktail

Capella Pedregal’s Red Fizz Cocktail

–  1½ oz Taylor’s port
–  2 oz Hendrick’s gin
–  2 oz half-half milk
–  2 oz regular milk
–  1 oz citric syrup (we make it at the resort: into 1 glass of water add 1 spoon of sugar and boil it.  Take it off the flame and add to it skin peels of 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 orange and 1 grapefruit and let is stand for one day.)
– ½ oz of lemon juice
–  1 egg white
–  1 star anise for garnish
–  2 ice cubes

Add all the ingredients, excluding the port, into a pint glass and top with ice.

Cover with tin glass and shake strongly for 60 seconds.

Place ice cubes into the old fashioned glass and add port.

Strain the contents from the pint glass into to the old fashioned glass very slowly.

Garnish with anise star.


For more information and reservations for our Food & Wine Festival, please visit our website here.

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