Capella Pedregal’s Mexican Coffee Break

In Mexico, the kitchen is one of the most important places of a home.  It is where the stories of the families are told, and where family and friends gather to talk about daily events, work, and everything else.  Su Cocina at Capella Pedregal is a replica of the traditional Mexican kitchen of old haciendas, and I love to visit it whenever I can.  Any time of day, our culinary team is preparing something delicious.  I love the colors, the smells, and if I am lucky, occasionally Executive Chef Yvan or our cooks will have me tasting a new salsa flavor, or a new combination of ingredients for a seasonal dish they are preparing for our menu.

Many companies bring to Capella Pedregal their top performing teams as a reward for their hard work in the past year, for team building, and for some much needed relaxing and recharge.  For our incentive travelers our team organizes special events, meetings, dinners, spa days, fishing trips and similar.  At my visit to Su Cocina last week, Chef Yvan was just setting up a coffee break for one of our incentive traveler groups, and I was eager to learn more about what he has prepared.

Mexican Coffee Break

For this occasion Yvan and his team prepared a selection of Mexican and International dishes— all of which made my stomach rumble!  Among the treats rehiletes, almond puff pastry (my favorites!), chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls, croissants and Mexican sweet bread.  There were cereals, granola bars and cheeses.  Fresh organic fruit from our local farms including mangos, apples, plums, blueberries and raspberries made for a colorful display.  There was even a charcuterie platter featuring our homemade chorizo and hams!

There was a selection of Mexican coffees from Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, and a selection of teas as well.  Besides a selection of black, green and chai teas we offer our own Baja Desert Chamomile Tea and a Hierbabuena Mexican Mint Tea infusion both featuring local organic herbs from Baja.  One of our guests (and Chef Yvan’s) favorite is traditional artisanal Mexican hot chocolate, frothed by hand using a molinillo.  Another traditional Mexican drink offered is champurado, a warm guava flavored beverage, thickened with masa, and accompanied by a selection of homemade Mexican candies.

What makes these coffee breaks so special is that, like Su Cocina, they really have a warm and contenting feel to them.  Be it on your vacation or a corporate retreat, Capella Pedregal’s aim is to make you feel at home with your Mexican family.  And I believe our events team and Chef Yvan are doing a wonderful job with it!  What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Su Cocina from your visit, be it on personal or corporate retreat, in the comments below.

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