Hand & Foot Rejuvenation At Auriga Spa

Recently I had the pleasure of living a very unique experience at Auriga spa in Capella Pedregal, a Foot Rejuvenation Treatment.  Lionel Fares, our French pedicurist-podiatrist, is one of the few specialists in the world who specialize in esthetics podiatry.  He has created the ultimate 3-in-1 treatment, which includes podiatry, esthetics and 20-30 minutes hand or foot massage, an exclusive service that you will find only at Auriga spa in Capella Pedregal.  I was lucky to be able to try it and so happy to share the amazing experience with you!

Auriga spa

Foot Rejuvenation is a 60 or 90 minutes treatment, in which all the aspects of the health and beauty of your feet are addressed and taken care of.  The aim of this treatment is to bring out the natural beauty of your feet, not just cover the problems with a new layer of favorite nail polish.

The treatment has 3 stages—

A medical approach: This eliminates any nail problem or thickening of the epidermis.

The beauty of the nails: Shape and homogeneity are restored.  With a unique buffing technique my nails became very shiny—much more so than it would with nail polish.

A wellbeing sensation: Massage from the knee down to the toes. Immediate relief- I felt like walking on cotton.

So, why is this treatment so important?

“Feet are one of the most complex mechanic parts of our body,” explained Lionel.  They have 26 bones (1/4 of bones in our body), 33 joints and 100 tendons and ligaments, in addition to blood, vessels and nerves.  Having healthy feet is vital for our overall health,” says Lionel, “they are our foundation, and you can achieve or maintain healthy feet just by taking care of them on a regular basis.”

This is one of those must do Auriga spa treatments during your Capella Pedregal visit!  Even if you don’t have any problems with your feet, hands and nails, Lionel will still have quite the impact.  Make an appointment at spa.pedregal@auriga-spa.com or call Auriga at: +52.624.143.6300.

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