Surfing Southern Baja

Surfing Southern Baja is a favorite pastime of visitors and locals alike.  Especially in spring, when the wind combines with the currents to create the prefect conditions to take (or rent) your surfboard and head into the water.

There are several surfing spots in Baja, but some of the favorites are Acapulquito and Cerritos beach.  Both beaches offer waves for beginners as well as for experienced surfers.  After work you can often find some of my colleagues at the Acapulquito Beach in San Jose del Cabo, just 20 minutes from Capella Pedregal.  This is a perfect beach for beginners.  The waves break here from mid-March through September, although with proper weather conditions you can surf all year long.

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My personal favorite is Cerritos Beach. While it is slightly further from Capella Pedregal at a 45 minutes drive, it is just a couple of minutes from the village Todos Santos.  Cerritos is a world famous beach not just for fantastic surf all year long (experienced surfers will like the break best from October to March), but also for miles of sandy beach and a beautiful location for swimming and spending the day with family and friends.

If you like surfing, or have always wanted to learn to surf, but never dared to try, a visit to Los Cabos makes for the perfect opportunity!  Surfing trainers in Baja will have you standing on your board in less than a day (I promise!).  When planning your stay at Capella Pedregal, contact your Personal Assistant, who will be happy to organize a surfing day for you.

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