New Friendships At Capella Ixtapa

Often we receive letters and hear stories from guests who have visited Capella Ixtapa and want to share some of their memorable experiences.  Previously I shared the story of guests and the guanabana fruit and today I have the story of new friendships at Capella Ixtapa.

Michael, his wife Jackie and their grandson stayed with us during the Valentine’s Day week.  The grandson, who was Italian-American kept his grandparents on their toes.  But that didn’t prevent the couple from their own vacationing!

In his letter, Michael wrote of two particular Capella Ixtapa employees who left quite an impression.  Margarita Olais and Karla Nunez “both provided exceptional service, but both went beyond exceptional to make our stay even more memorable.”  So how did these ladies make an impression?  “Margarita found a guitar for me to use in serenading my wife and others all week during those warm Ixtapa evenings.  [While] Karla practiced Italian with us all week to help us keep up with our three-year-old Italian-American grandson.”

friendships at capella ixtapa

It is so wonderful to read a letter like this from a guest, as it is a reminder of why we are here: to help create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.  The letter also included the above photo and additional note, “The picture is one of friends.”  It is this sentence that I found particularly meaningful and I know brought a smile to both Margarita’s and Karla’s face.  Both ladies look forward to the next time their friends will visit Capella Ixtapa.

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