Jewelry Designer Gillian Julius Visits Capella Pedregal

Following special events at our AlmArte Boutique with Monica Wise from L*Space Swimwear  and Chan Luu  in 2012, this April I am looking forward to welcoming to Capella Pedregal jewelry designer Gillian Julius.  Gillian will be holding a Trunk Show on April 4-6 at the AlmArte Boutique, where she will present her latest collection and create personal stylings and consults with our guests.

During our preparations for the event, I had a chance to talk with Gillian about the upcoming event, her collection, inspiration and the things she loves most about Mexico.

Gillian Julius

How would you describe your new collection, Gillian?
A touch of glamour with the appeal of day-to-day living.

Where did you get the inspiration for your new collection?
Believe it or not, my head.  I rarely refer to magazines, color and trend reports, or look to other designers for inspiration.  I have always been known in the business as setting rather than following a trend.

Can you give our readers some details about the new collection?
The collection is based on my core multi tube bracelet.  I have added a palette of soft pastels shot through with metallic cord to add a shimmer whilst still adhering to my signature base tone of a grayish hue!

I love the juxtaposition of glamour (using Swarovski crystal tonal diamond balls) mixed with an element of the street.  I have achieved this with the combination of hand dyed waxed cotton cords, plated tubes embellished with Swarovski crystal tonal balls and the introduction of a new sandblasted tube giving the bracelet a look of being encrusted with diamonds.

Gillian Julius 1

What is your favorite styling tip while traveling or on vacations?
As someone who is constantly on and off planes and in different locations on a regular basis I have learnt to travel with only my jewelry.  The fact that I can wear the pieces from day into night makes packing a no brainer.  I love the look of a bikini mixed with a glamorous bracelet or necklace.  Don’t be afraid to wear my Gillian Julius diamond ball bracelet with a denim jacket and pair of shorts, or mix my sandblasted and metallic cord bracelet with a evening outfit.  It’s these unexpected accents of bling that make clothes look modern and fresh and beachwear glamorous!

As all the tubes are coated with a silicon, there is a greatly reduced chance of tarnishing, however as the bracelets are constructed with a waxed cotton cord, a cord that is porous, we strongly advise against swimming or bathing with the jewelry as the cord will shrink if wet.  It is for this reason that all bracelets come with an amusing hangtag advising the customer of this fact!

What are you looking forward the most when in Cabo San Lucas?
Nicolette and I are really excited to meet AlmArte Boutique Manager Isis Aguilar and the rest of the team, as well as seeing the boutique in which Gillian Julius is sold.  It is so great when I randomly meet one of your guests somewhere in the world and see them wearing my jewelry and find out that they bought it at Capella Pedregal!

I’m fortunate enough to have a close friend who owns a property there so am familiar with Cabo San Lucas.  I have also visited Todos Santos and absolutely loved it.

But most of all, I am looking forward to our event together, and stealing some leisure time to enjoy the glorious property whilst drinking what I love most, Mexican Coca Cola!

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