A Visit To El Refugio De Potosí

While I can’t get enough of the ocean and beaches in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, I love exploring the rich nature of the area as well.  On my days off work, I love to ask our Capella Ixtapa Personal Assistant for recommendations.  There is so much to explore in Ixtapa!  You can choose among excursions into the nearby rivers, mountains and forests, schedule a crocodile watching adventure, enjoy horse riding on the beach, or explore the underwater world of our coral reefs.

My latest adventure was a trip to Barra de Potosí, where we observed birds from the area and visited eco park El Refugio de Potosí.  El Refugio is a wildlife refuge with the mission of rehabilitating wildlife and returning animals to their natural habitats.  Owners Pablo Mendizabal and Laurel Patrick established the non-profit park in 2008, with the desire to promote the conservation of native species.


At El Refugio de Potosí you can not only see, but also touch some of the wild animals found in the area.  On my visit, I saw sea turtles, crocodiles, tree porcupines, various bird species, snakes, iguanas and more.  They have an 18 meter sperm whale skeleton on display as well as other local skeletons.  I was impressed by a butterfly pavilion, where you can admire some of the 70 butterfly species that live in the region.  But most of all, I fell in love with a playful coatimundi, and decided for its symbolical adoption.

After a day full of wildlife, I said goodbye and headed home full of amazement for the world around me.  And also better informed on how I can contribute to its preservation.

If you would like see more of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and the area, contact our Personal Assistants, they will be happy to organize adventurous tours for you for exploring our beautiful area.

P.S. All the tour guides are bilingual, experienced and professional, and they will be happy to answer all your questions you might have along the way. 


Photo courtesy of El Refugio de Potosí.

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