Romance Moon Experience at Auriga Spa

In 2012 Capella Pedregal was honored with two very prestigious awards from Travel + Leisure 2012 World’s Best Awards— “Top Resorts in Mexico”, and“World’s Best Hotel Spa”.  I am always amazed by the new treatments our Auriga spa Manager, Vanessa Infante, introduces to the spa.  She is always exploring new ideas and techniques to create for the most amazing and nurturing spa experiences for our guests.

This month, we are celebrating the Month of Romance, and Vanessa and her team have created a special Romance Moon Experience just for couples.  “We have combined specific techniques, products, and scents to create a unique experience specific to each moon cycle.  Depending on the moon energy on a given day, we recommend corresponding treatments, in order to ensure the most profound experience for our guests,” explains Vanessa.

 Auriga Spa

The lunar cycles correspond to our seasons and their energies reflect in our own behavior and feelings, Vanessa explained further:

–  The New Moon, which mirrors our winters, is a season to rest, reflect and gain new strength. That is why at Auriga spa during the New Moon our Signature Moon Treatments consist of a deep and stimulating full body Swedish muscle massage that will revitalize and invigorate your body and spirit.

–  The Waxing Moon reflects spring, and is the best time to sow the seeds and nourish the earth.  At Auriga spa, rocking and rhythmic movements of a soothing aromatherapy massage will nurture and nourish your creative energies and wellbeing.

–  The Full Moon denotes the summer, when everything is in bloom, and is a time of harvest.  Your therapist at Auriga spa will address your energy bodies through balancing massage techniques to bring harmony and heighten your sense of being.

–  And lastly, the Waning Moon, or the autumn.  This is a time to cleanse the body and earth, to give space for new life and to commence the cycle again.  A special soft, yet stimulating, full body massage has been created, that increases the lymphatic flow of the body and eliminates toxins. You leave feeling fully cleansed and renewed.

The Romance Moon Experience includes a 60 minute massage and 30 minutes of leisure in the Couples Room, but our Signature Moon Treatments can be enjoyed throughout the year and last between 120 or 180 minutes.  My favorite thing in the Couples Room is the private jacuzzi, which you can enjoy with your loved one before or after the treatment.  And if you feel like swimming, you can have a swim straight from your treatment room in Auriga’s private pool with waterfalls, or lounge and enjoy the sun.


For a detailed description of Auriga spa and our therapies, please visit our website at, where you can download the entire menu.


  1. I heard so many information about this place and it sounds amazing. Will try to go to this place when we come to visit Mexico this year. Thanks for sharing!!

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