Chef Philip Ferber Joins Breidenbacher Hof

Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel recently welcomed a new Executive Chef.  I am always excited to get to know our new family members and Chef Philip Ferber was no exception.  It is always fun to know who is behind a delicious meal, so I thought it apropos I interview him for the Capella Blog.

Chef Philipp Ferber

What do you like about Düsseldorf?
Dusseldorf gives you a cozy feeling due to its size and has a wonderful quality of life. There is a lot to experience and to see. As a chef, Dusseldorf is great because it offers a competitive culinary environment, which motivates and inspires me!

How did you become a chef?
My grandfather, who had his own hotel / restaurant inspired me. During visits, I would spend most of the time in the kitchen watching and learning. I would help out any way I could! Be it purchasing, preparing salads, baking pies or doing the dishes. And last but not least: Tasting!

You previously worked with Two-Starred Michelin Chef Johannes King. What was that like? What lessons did you learn?
It was very inspiring. Johannes King is one of my most important mentors and without him my career would have taken a different course. He taught me, that if I wanted to be successful in the gastronomy business, I had to incorporate my own personality, be positive about my goals and most importantly keep in touch with guests. In regards to cooking, I learned that more is less and the focus should be on the product – the guest has to understand the dishes!

What is your favorite free time activity and how do you relax?
Reading a book, watching old movies or just eating out.

What is your favorite destination?
The south… Italy, France and the Middle East.

What upsets you most?
Not being on time, an unprofessional behavior and making mistakes because of a lack of enthusiasm.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?
A compass, food and a sailing boat – everything for the way back home!

What is your favorite meal?
In General: meals prepared with love and passion! Specifically: typical German meals such as beef roulade, Sauerbraten or Königsberg meatballs.

What are you most looking forward to about working at Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel?
I am excited about my new team and to cook for the people in Dusseldorf – it is a very special honor for me!

If you weren’t a chef what would you do instead?
I’d definitely still work with food! Be it as a gardener, a fisherman or a butcher.

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