A Grand Proposal

Working at Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel, I am always receiving requests from guests looking to plan special events.  These are always such a fantastic occasions, because helping to create unique experiences is so much of what Capella Hotels and Resorts is about.

Recently, a gentleman looking to plan a marriage proposal contacted me.  In the following weeks, the gentleman, the Personal Assistants and I worked to prepare the surprise.

We arranged for an upgrade to one of our elegant Deluxe Rooms and converted it into a romantic hideaway with a huge heart made out of red roses, candles, music, champagne and truffles.

The girlfriend worked for the newspaper and was interested in writing a piece on the hotel.  So, it was my job to set up an interview with her on the big day.  I was so excited when she arrived!  I didn’t want to give away the big secret, so we sat down and conducted the interview.  Meanwhile, Personal Assistant Susanne organized for the boyfriend to arrive.


The boyfriend walked into our meeting, completely catching the girlfriend off guard.  She was very confused and asked him to wait as she was working.  Not knowing how to respond, the boyfriend sat down on a couch to wait.

It took some convincing, but finally she agreed to go with her boyfriend, who explained that he needed to talk to her.  He led her to the room, where he planned to propose.

Susanne and I waited anxiously for news!  We had spent so much time planning this major event that we felt very invested.  Would they like the room?  And more importantly, would she say yes?  We sat there with our fingers crossed.  The news finally came:  She said yes!

All the work had been worth it.  The setting was perfect and a beautiful memory had been created for the couple.  I felt honored to play a role in this couple’s real life love story.  Breidenbacher Hof will always hold a special place in this couple’s hearts and minds.  And I too will never forget them.

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