The Flowers of Capella Ixtapa’s El Capricho Spa

When you visit El Capricho Spa at Capella Ixtapa, you may notice the writing on the floor at the entrance of each treatment room.  I was recently able to chat about it with our Spa Manager Valentina and she explained me the reason behind these writings.

Since the ancient times the local culture has always learned from and to live in harmony with the nature.  One aspect of this is the varied use of local flowers.  In Guerrero we have traditional uses for flowers in cooking and medicinally as well as for spiritual and purifying practices.

Dawn Flower

In Náhuatl, the ancient indigenous language, the word “Xochitl” means flower.  Inspired by this ancient use and knowledge of the purifying properties of the flowers, every treatment room at El Capricho Spa has a native name:

–  Citla xochitl = Star Flower
–  Cempaxochitl = Heaven Flower
–  Texochitl = Fire Flower
–  Xohitlanezi = Dawn Flower
–  Iztaxochitl = White Flower
–  Yoloxohitl = Heart Flower

Valentina and her team researched the ancient uses of the flowers and created the “Regional Collection”, a Body Wrap collection that involves local elements such as: papaya and mango, cacao and coffee, aloe and cactus, lemongrass and toronjil (or melissa).

Heart Flower

The last is one of the signature treatments at El Capricho Spa and toronjil has incredible healthbenefits.  This particular oil has several therapeutic properties, diaphoretic, carminative, anti-bacterial, antispasmodic and even acts as an antidepressant!  Melissa or Toronjil is used to calm the nerves and has a sedative effect. It is also said to cure migraines and headaches associated with common cold.  Who knew plants could do so much!

Next time you visit Capella Ixtapa, I recommend you to try the Regional Collection body wraps!  And, if you are interested in learning more about the ancient healing traditions of our region, Valentina will be glad to share them with you!


Photo Credits:
“Dawn Flower” by Mauricio Mercadante (Flickr)
“Heart Flower” by Shane Kemp (Flickr)

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