Behind The Weddings At Capella Singapore

My team and I are working on a social media video project to showcase the excitement that takes place behind the scenes at Capella Singapore.  In this reality mini-series, the camera follows the staff from five departments closely to allow viewers to experience a day in their shoes.

One of the five episodes will feature Weddings Manager Charlene Hendricks to find out the tricks of her trade and in the process I learned just how passionate she is about her job.

I followed Charlene to her meetings to discuss the wedding menus, cake and decoration. There is an overwhelming number of details to coordinate!  Everything from choosing the table linens to bridal march rehearsals and wine selections and much, much more.

As no two love stories will never be the same, no two weddings are alike at Capella Singapore.  Charlene uses each couples suggestions as a jumping off point and then helps to articulate them in a way that captures the couple’s uniqueness.

As the sun set against the glorious backdrop of violet and orange hues, I filmed on as Charlene, filled with emotion, watched one of her brides walk down the aisle.  It is apparent to me that Charlene has become more than just a wedding planner to the couple; they have formed a friendship that will add a special chapter to Charlene’s love for her craft.

I am so excited to share my day with Charlene, so that you can get to know more about her and team behind the weddings at Capella Singapore.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

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