The Vintners’ Tour 2012

These few weeks have been very exciting for me as we head into the yearend and prepare for the much-anticipated Vintners’ Tour 2012.  I’m thrilled because Capella Singapore will be hosting this huge event showcasing more than 20 winemakers.

Needless to say, over the course of these few weeks, I’ve been learning much about wines that I had not known before.

What is interesting about The Vintners’ Tour 2012 is that all the visiting winemakers are all old world winemakers.  Old world wine regions include Italy, France and Spain.  Such winemakers focus on traditional winemaking techniques and the wines created in these regions are generally earthier and more tannic.  New world wine regions include countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States.  Such wines are made with new technology and usually tend to be fruiter.

Another area that I learned about is the growing attention to the term “biodynamic wines” by wine enthusiasts.  Loosely defined, the term “biodynamic” refers to an agricultural philosophy, which focuses on creating a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard.  This practice combines well with the traditions of old world wines and in fact, many of the winemakers attending the Vintners’ Tour are employing biodynamic practices.  In this spirit, there will be a master class on biodynamic wines at Capella Singapore during the Vintner’s Tour 2012.

The Vintners’ Tour 2012 begins today, November 22nd and runs through the 25th.  In addition to the class on biodynamic wines, there will be other several other master classes as well as a series of dinners with Two Michelin Starred Chef Jean Andre Charial from the very famous l’Oustau de Baumanière in Provence, France.  I am also looking forward to the wine treasure hunt, which takes place on the 24th and is sure to be loads of fun!

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