Diving Morros de Potosí

Living by the Ocean makes me appreciate its amazing nature and beauty even more.  I love to spend my free days exploring the nearby beaches and underwater world.  Capella IxtapasPersonal Assistant Christian told me about his diving experience at a very unique place, Morros de Potosí, and I just had to go and try it myself.

We embarked from Zihuatanejo and cruised out of Zihuatanejo Bay.  Appreciating the continental mass of the Mexican Pacific Coast while we sailed the “Cocos Tectonic Plate” was just the beginning of the journey.  After 40 minutes we arrived at our destination.  Morros de Potosí is made up of large white granite rocks that emerge from the ocean, also known as the Frailes Blancos (White Friars).  The captain explained how the perfect equilibrium of marine flora and fauna and a great variety of birds including pelicans and seagulls, makes these rocks one of the most spectacular diving zones of the Mexican Pacific!

Morros de Potosi is full of fascinating surprises like caves, cliffs, vertical walls, canals and tunnels.  Because of the strong currents this site is only for experienced divers, so we headed to some protected areas where we could snorkel.  One of these spots was the Caleta Norte (North Cove).  This was an ideal spot for me, because I had the chance to admire some of the arches, glens and vertical walls underwater, as well the superabundance of different aquatic life found here.  At the south of the Morros there are plenty of submarine caves; one of them is called the Cave of Gertrudis, and the story says it was once inhabited by a cat shark by the same name.

Dolphins, Loggerhead turtles and Manta rays kept me entertained while cruising on the way back to Zihuatanejo.  Amazed by the beauty of nature and the ocean I was very pleased with Christian’s recommendation.

Capella Ixtapas Personal Assistants can organize for you an unforgettable diving or snorkeling trip, sailing adventure or a romantic cruise along the ocean that will make your vacation unforgettable.


Image via Diversion En Montana.


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