A Visit To Pie De La Cuesta

I have one secret place where I love to escape to when I want to enjoy a quiet day and be one with nature: Pie de La Cuesta. It is a narrow 2km strip of land, bordered by the beach on one side and by the large Coyuca Lagoon on the other.

This magical place is located about 2 hours from Ixtapa- but this is a gorgeous drive. Christian, Capella Ixtapa’s Personal Assistant, organized a taxi to take me there and back. This was a great option, because it allowed me to stop occasionally to take pictures of the beautiful scenery along the way.

As a child, I would go to Pie de la Cuesta to watch sunsets with my grandmother, but now, this small village has evolved.  The long sandy beaches remain, but today the town also offers various restaurants, small hotels and boat rental places.  The boats are particularly popular for touring the lagoon (which is three times as large as the Acapulco Bay) and visiting its islands, among them, Bird Island, which is a sanctuary for many bird species.

Beyond the sunsets, my favorite pastimes at Pie de La Cuesta are swimming in the lagoon, wakeboarding (you can also waterski), eating (especially the fish quesadillas) enjoying a siesta (many of the restaurants have beachfront hammocks), and of course horseback riding on the beach. Small but invaluable pleasures of life!

If you are interested in a day trip to Pie de la Cuesta talk to your Capella Ixtapa Personal Assistant, who will be more than happy to organize this charming trip for you!

Image via Flickr user Esparta.

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