Taxco, Mexico: A Silver Town

Taxco is a lovely small town 3 hours away from Capella Ixtapa, located in the hills between Acapulco and Mexico City.  It has retained its natural charm and colonial ambiance, characterized by red-tiled roofs, cobble-stoned streets and the impressive 240-year-old Santa Prisca Cathedral.  I love to wonder the streets and explore the city, but the strongest feature that attracts me to Taxco is its silver history.


The colonial city was founded in 1529, and in 1531 the first Spanish mine in North America was founded.  According to legend, Don José de la Borda arrived to town on a horse in 1716 from France at the age of 16, when his horse stumbled, dislodged a stone and exposed silver.  After amassing a silver fortune, Borda built The Templo de Santa Prisca as a gift to Taxco.  The church can be seen from all over Taxco.  I love to sit at one of the lovely cafes or restaurant terraces to admire it as it glitters in the sunlight.


During Mexico’s Independence Fight, the Spanish barons destroyed the mines rather than lose them.  With most of the silver gone, Taxco became a quiet town with a dwindling population and economy.  That changed in 1929, when an American architect William Spratling arrived and set up a silver workshop as a way to rejuvenate the town.  Spratling motivated the community artisans to create designs and rediscover the silversmith tradition.  The workshop evolved into a factory, and Spratling’s apprentices began establishing their own shops.  Today, Taxco is home to hundreds of silver shops, which I love to explore!

Every November, Taxco organizes the world famous Silver Fair, when craftsmen, artists and silversmiths show their work and a national prize is awarded to the best silver artist.  This is a particularly impressive event and a time of true artistry!

When in Taxco you may want to visit also the Spratling Museum, the Museo Virreynal de Taxco, The Old Arches and of course the Santa Prisca Cathedral.  Ask your Capella Ixtapa’s Personal Assistant to organize a visit for you!


  1. Really Taxco,Mexico was one of the beautiful town of the world.

  2. Thanks for the information. Really Taxco is heaven for Silver Lovers and a beautiful town.

  3. Taxco is great. Should go there at saturdays, there are special offers.

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