Crudo Bar At Capella Pedregal

Today, Chef Yvan Mucharraz invited me for a very delicious event – the opening of Crudo Bar at Capella Pedregal.  Yvan has been working with the rest of the culinary team planning the menu and the details the entire summer, and I was very excited and curious to see – and try – the results!

 Around 85% of all the food we offer at Capella Pedregal resort is organic and made in house.  We could also describe our cuisine as farm to table and sea to table.  “Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortéz, it enables us to daily offer only the freshest seafood to our guests, which we receive in the morning and at night from local fishermen,” says Chef Yvan.

 Sea to Table is the concept of Crudo Bar and even the menu (a message in a bottle!) shares the concept.  Chef Yvan explains, “At Crudo Bar we offer the freshest ceviches and tiraditos there are!  The dishes vary slightly from day-to-day, as they depend on the daily catch.  The menu is very tropical, incorporating both Mexican and Latin flavors in the dishes, like maracuya, mango, pitahaya, tomato, green tomato, Mexican chile and others.  It is like having a bite of Mexico’s most delectable flavors all in one meal.”

 Crudo Bar, located at the main pool’s palapa, is open daily between 12 pm and 6 pm.  I am so excited to share this sneak peek of the latest Capella Pedregal restaurant option—something tells me it is going to be quite the hit!   Be sure to stop by during your next visit to Cabo San Lucas and Capella Pedregal and share your photos with me on Facebook or Twitter!

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