Camel Safaris In Cabo San Lucas

There are so many activities here in the Cabo San Lucas area and some may surprise you.  One that has gained recent popularity are the Camel Safaris.  Yes- you read that correctly!  I’ve been hearing about camels in Cabo for some time, but hadn’t had the chance to experience them myself until Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant, Marisol, organized a trip for me.  And I’m so glad she did!

They picked us up at the hotel, and off we went.  Some 20 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas is Rancho San Cristobal, where we took a short walk through the outback, and learned about indigenous flora and fauna.  But the real excitement was around the camels! 

A Touareg, who cares for the camels, explained that Baja and Sahara have similar weather conditions making Baja a suitable home for the camels.  I was paired with a gorgeous camel named Billy who was also quite the cuddler.  He would nuzzle his face in my shoulder and loved to be petted.  Once we mounted the camels and became acclimated our guide led us to a private beach to continue the ride.  The location was quite scenic and made for quite the unique experience.

After the ride and a photo session with the camels we returned to the ranch for a delicious lunch and conversation about this magical shared experience.  When the time came to head back to the hotel I promised myself that I would return again.  This was another memorable experience that makes living in (and visiting) Baja so very special.  Another must for anyone’s vacation!

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