Afternoon Tea at Breidenbacher Hof

Now that Autumn has arrived and temperatures are cooling down, I am really getting into the mood for a cup of hot tea, cakes and cookies. It is simply the time of the year where I like to relax inside, not only by myself, but also with good friends. And to be honest, is there anything cozier than an Afternoon Tea session (especially afternoon tea at Breidenbacher Hof!) in a comfortable environment? I don’t think so!

As I am regularly in charge of organizing get-togethers among my friends, I thought it would be nice to meet at Breidenbacher Hof for tea. I have never had Afternoon Tea at our property before and was just as excited as my friends to experience the service and enjoy our time together.

Afternoon tea at Breidenbacher Hof is served in our Lobby Lounge space.  It is the ideal setting because it is both warm and inviting.  Perfect for lounging, talking, and of course, enjoying tea!

Speaking of, service begins with the tea selection.  I was quite impressed by the enormous selection of different blends – in total there are about 24 different Ronnefeldt teas.  If you find yourself overwhelmed, don’t worry! A box with a small sample of each variety is provided for you to smell.  After choosing our teas, we each received our very own teapot with a little hot plate to keep it warm.

Next a display of tea sandwiches, cakes and scones was placed on our table.  What a treat!  It was wonderful to snack on the finger food as we shared stories and chatted the afternoon away.   In fact, the afternoon was such a hit, that we decided to repeat our little gathering during Christmas season when all holiday treats are available!

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