Celebrating Mexico’s History

At Capella Pedregal we are getting ready for one of the most important celebrations of Mexico’s History: Independence Day.  On September 15, 2012, we will be celebrating our 202 years of independence.  The entire town (and country) is preparing to celebrate, and while I am looking forward to all the festivities and patriotic decorations this holiday involves, I would also like to share a part of Mexico’s history with you.

The Independence of Mexico, as well as the Mexican Revolution, which is celebrated on November 20th, have led to the formation of governments and laws that guarantee the rights of freedom, education, health and jobs for everyone in Mexico.  These ideals are part of Mexico’s history and also help to create our identity as a country.

On the evening of September 15th 1810, the church bells in the town of Dolores Hidalgo rang loudly while a group of Mexican idealists summoned fellow Mexicans to rise against the Spaniards.  This event, known as the “Grito de Independencia,” was the jumping off point for an 11 year struggle to gain independence.

Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was the mastermind and leader of the movement.  With a group of intellectual Mexicans they all dreamed of a free and independent nation.  When he was captured and executed in 1811, the priest Jose Maria Morelos took over the movement with success during the following years.  However, by the end of 1815, Morelos was captured, prosecuted and executed as well.  Both men’s spirits lived on with the patriots Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero, who rallied Mexicans and Creoles (Mexican-born but of Spanish descendants) to their cause.

Towards the end of these fighting years, General Agustin de Iturbide resigned from the Spanish ranks to support the insurrecting army, and at the beginning of 1821, met with Vicente Guerrero.  Together they proclaimed the Iguala Plan, which focused on 3 important points:  to establish the Independence of Mexico from Spain, declare the Catholic religion Mexico’s sole religion and to integrate all the social groups.

Their goals were achieved with the marching of the “Trigarante Army” (Army of the Three Guarantees) into Mexico City on September 27th 1821 and Mexico was declared an independent country.

I look forward to the celebrations of September 15th and hopefully now that you are familiar with Mexico’s history, you will join me one year for the festivities here at Capella Pedregal and in Cabo San Lucas!  This year festivities have already kicked off with a traditional Mariachi band and much more fun promises to follow.

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