Getting to know Breidenbacher Hof’s Ursula Beyer

One of the things that makes Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel so special is the people.  And someone who plays a key role in creating that magic is Director of Human Resources, Ursula Beyer.  Recently I had the opportunity to spend time some time with Ursula learning everything from how she ended up in the hospitality industry to some of her favorite spots in Düsseldorf.

Here’s what she said:

What do you like about Düsseldorf?
Being born in Düsseldorf I simply love my city – Düsseldorf is metropolitan yet homey, extremely posh and somehow normal and relaxed. The Rhine is my favorite place: to enjoy the beach facing the Schnellenburg castle, take a stroll to Kaiserswerth, fly kites, to play miniature golf in Oberkassel, barbecue in crowded or secluded locations, jog shorter or longer routes finding your way back over one of the many bridges, enjoy the sunset on the roof of the concert hall with a tasty drink… Düsseldorf treats its citizens well in so many ways!

How and where do you like to spend your lunch break?
To be honest, I often spend my lunch break at the hotel as time is often short and I enjoy taking care of our guests when they come by to eat lunch and tour the property. But on weekends I like to read my newspaper at a small Bistro in the Old Town called Zicke (the first time I went there was at the age of 14!) or at the Einhorn close to my home.  I epecially love when the weather and I can sit outside in the sun.  And if I really need a getaway then I visit the café Oma Erika in the district of Flingern.

How did you get into the hotel business?
I always wanted to work with people and in a multilingual environment… At the same time I quickly recognized my passion for service.  While still in school I worked at a seafood restaurant to earn some pocket money.  Whenever I got home my mom would send me straight to the change as the smell was a bit much, but it was this experience that led me into the hospitality industry.  My first internship was at a 5-star property in Düsseldorf on Königsallee.  From there I trained at a renowned 4-star hotel in the neighboring town Neuss. Up to today, this property is still known for producing the best hospitality alumni in the final exams.

What is your favorite free time activity?
This depends on my workload – sometimes I simply enjoy reading and getting comfortable at home, I also enjoy slack lining and climbing (unfortunately too seldom).  When I have a little more time available I like to go out, visit friends from university who are scattered all over Germany, or spend time with my family in Kiel or Munich.

What are your pet peeves?
When someone finds it hard to make a decision, as well as a lack of self-reflection and ignorance. And – quite serious– when there is no milk in the fridge!

Which career path would you have taken if the hospitality industry would not have been an option?
I always wanted to become a ballet dancer, but since my talent was lacking I had to find another passion. And fortunately, this worked out well!

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