Capella Ixtapa’s Chocolaterapia

I love learning about the different spa treatments here at Capella Ixtapa.  Lately, everyone has been talking about the Chocolaterapia, which showcases both cocoa and coffee.  Intrigued, I sat down with Spa Manager Valentina Velazco to find out more:

 What does the Chocolaterapia treatment consist of?
Chocolaterapia is a very pampering treatment, created to relax, rejuvenate and nurture.  The treatment includes three steps: an exfoliation, a wrapped mask, and a massage. First, the exfoliation is done using a scrub made out of coffee grains that removes dead skin cells.  This readies the skin to receive nutrients.
Next a rich mask of cocoa and coffee are applied over the clean skin and the body is then wrapped.  The wrapping warms the body, allowing pores to open and the body to receive the treatment’s benefits.
Once the nutrients have been absorbed, its time for a shower followed by a nurturing massage.  A cream out of cocoa and coffee is used to seal the treatment in.

 What are the benefits of coffee and cocoa? 
At the Capella Ixtapa Spa our treatments are mostly derived from elements found in the region.  The coast of Guerrero state, where Ixtapa is located, is well known for its coffee.  Coffee regenerates and detoxifies skin, improving the health and giving it a fresh and firm glow.  Meanwhile the cocoa, which has a rich Mexican history, is a great moisturizer full of vitamins and minerals.  Both cocoa and coffee are also natural antioxidants.  Together they have fantastic rejuvenating properties.

What inspired you to create the treatment?
Cocoa is considered one of the country’s greatest historical treasures.  Dating back to the time of ancient Mexican civilizations, the seeds were so precious that the Aztecs used them as currency.  Even as a beverage, cocoa was known as “the drink of the gods!”
I wanted to pay homage to this history by combining it with another element, the coffee, which is one of today’s proudest crops.  The combination was ideal, because of the nurturing benefits of both elements.

It sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it myself!
Indeed it is!  Our clients often say that Chocolaterapia is the most delicious 50-minute experience they have ever had at a spa.  By the end you leave feeling pampered like a true Mexican God or Goddess!

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