A Visit to the Magical Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island is a hidden, uninhabited gem, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  It is located about 1 hour boat drive from the capital of Baja, La Paz, which is 2.5 hours away from Capella Pedregal and Cabo San Lucas.  This Unesco-protected natural reserve is a place where nature, peace and tranquility prevail.

Here, you can literally unplug and take a break from it all.  There is no phone signal, no internet connection and no electricity.  Perfection!  Instead, the activities on Espiritu Santo Island take you outside.  From swimming with sea lions (the island is a home to a colony of around 300 sea lions), to stand up paddle boarding in some of the most amazing turquoise bays, to kayaking and watching dolphins and manta rays jump out of the water right in front of you, to witnessing amazing sunsets and starry nights, chance are you won’t even miss your electronics!

I like the island so much that I’ve made it my traditional birthday getaway.  Every July we drive from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz (two hour drive with amazing desert scenery) and park at Tecolote beach, which is looking straight at the island.  From there we rent a panga to take to the island.  The captain can give you a tour around the island (don’t forget your sunblock and a camera).  I like to book a campsite and stay for a few days, but I also highly recommend the visit to the island as a day trip.

Every time I visit, sky-high red cliffs, windblown sand dunes, picture-perfect turquoise bays and wildlife blow me away.  It almost feels like I am Robinson Crusoe on my own private island.  It is so beautiful and pristine, it will make you fall in love and come visit again and again.  I promise!

If you are interested in visiting the island during your next Cabo visit, by all means, ask your Capella Pedregal Personal Assistant to help plan it.

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