Top Ten Reasons To Visit Düsseldorf

Today I was spending my lunch break with a good friend of mine who has never been to Düsseldorf before, but stopped by for a visit. To cut a long story short, while we were sitting there talking she suddenly said to me: “Well, you know. I like Düsseldorf already, but I don’t know anything about the city. What is there to do here or what makes it special?” I immediately began to list the many reasons to visit Düsseldorf.  I realized that others may also be interested in my list, so I thought it appropriate I share them here!

Your Breidenbacher Hof Insider’s Top Ten Reasons To Visit Düsseldorf:

  1. Shopping on Königsallee.
  2. The “longest bar in the world” located in Old Town.
  3. Great Restaurants for the discerning foodie.
  4. Beautiful setting on the Rhine.
  5. Outdoor friendly environment with great parks and paths (perfect for picnics and biking!).
  6. Lots of Events including everything from “Jazz Rally” concerts to “Night of the Museums” art events.
  7. Rich in Culture and History (The city dates back to 1135!).
  8. International, especially Japanese influence (food, art, culture) thanks to a large Japanese population.
  9. Small Districts with unique character, perfect for exploration.
  10. Fantastic Seasonal Events such as carnival, the fun fair and our Christmas markets.

So tell me, in which activity/activities would you like participate?  Is there anything you would add to the list of top reasons to visit Düsseldorf?


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