Chef Kevin Rathbun Plans A Visit To Capella Pedregal

I am counting down the days until July 11, 2012, when our Food & Wine Festival, A Taste Of Capella, begins.  In the last blog posts I talked with participating guest chefs Kent Rathbun and Johnny Iuzzini.  Today I continue my interviews with Chef Kevin Rathbun.

Chef Kevin Rathbun

Greetings Kevin!  The Food & Wine Festival is right around the corner!  Can you share with us what the guests can expect from the event?
I think that the guests that are attending will have an awesome time, my brother  (Kent Rathbun) and I seem to step it up every time were together, call it sibling rivalry if you like, or brotherly love.  Working with the products of the region and Capella Pedregal’s Marco Bustamante will be exciting.

What will you personally be preparing at the festival?
I’m planning to BBQ some local oysters for the beach dinner and to use some local seafood for the gala dinner.

To which part of the event are you looking most forward to?
I’m looking most forward to meeting new chefs and to howling at the moon- whichever comes first!

How would you describe your cuisine?
My cuisine is a melting pot of foods I love, spice and bold flavors.  I love the flavors of the Southwest and the Deep-South as well, grilling meats and shellfish with exotic accompaniments comes to mind.

Where and how do you get the inspiration when creating new dishes?
Traveling from place to place and eating new and exciting foods is a prerequisite in our business, reading blogs, food magazines and experimenting is what it’s all about.

Chef Kevin Rathbun Food 1

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? Do you use any Mexican spices or ingredients in your day-to-day cooking?
My favorite ingredients to cook with are many, I’m from the Midwest so beef, corn and tomatoes are a must.  I love cilantro and chile of all kinds.  Spice of life I’d have to say.

Do you like Mexican food?  If yes, what is your favorite dish?
I love Mexican food, it’s in my wheelhouse, I love the bold flavors, colors and depth of deep Mexico, can’t wait to be there.

Do you have any Mexican dish on the menu at your restaurants?
I have many dishes on the menu that have influences of Mexico from a Green Chile Lobster Taco with Cascabel Cream to Hot Smoked Copper River Salmon with Habanero Creme Fraiche.

Have you been to Cabo or Mexico before? What do you like best about it?
I’ve never been to Cabo, but I recently did a private dinner and Horst Schulze [Capella Hotel & Resorts Chairman and CEO] was attending.  We spoke about how delighted he is with Capella Pedregal and how I better bring my wife because it’s such a magical place!

Chef Kevin Rathbun food 2

Thank you Chef Kevin Rathbun!  I look forward to tasting your dishes in a few shorts days!

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