Breidenbacher Hof’s Wiener Schnitzel

I think it is time to share another great recipe with you.  This time it is not only a delicious dish, but a true also a classic and guest favorite!  The Brasserie “1806” Wiener Schnitzel with potato cucumber salad is quite simple to prepare—especially with Chef Michael’s direction.  Enjoy trying it yourself and let me know what you think about this one.

Lowbush Cranberries-100g of washed mountain cranberries
-100g of sugar

Place the raw cranberries and the sugar into a blender and combine slowly until the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture has reached a jam-like texture.

Fill the cranberries into small glasses to be served on the side or simply place them on the plate just before serving the Schnitzel.




Potato SaladMayonnaise:

-200g egg white
-70g shallots
-250ml white vinegar
-110g mustard (medium hot)
-1.3l vegetable oil
-40g seasoning salt
-10 small waxy potatoes
-1 quarter of cucumber

Dice shallots and sauté in a pan until they reach a glazy, light golden color.  Then place all ingredients except for the oil into a blender and blend everything carefully until the mixture begins to thicken.  Slowly add oil until a proper mayonnaise texture is reached.  Season to taste.

Boil the potatoes until fork tender.  Once cooled, slice.  Peel and half the cucumber.  Then slice and add to potatoes.

Blend the mayonnaise with the potatoes and cucumber.

Schnitzel-4 Veal cutlets
-1-2 whisked eggs
-Fleur de Sel

Pound cutlets until they are very thin, being careful not to tear the meat.  Season them with salt and pepper; turn them in flour and then dip in the whisked eggs.  Then dredge the cutlets in breadcrumbs.

In a sauté pan and cooked in butter, fry cutlets creating a golden crust on both sides.  When done use a paper towel to remove any additional fat, place it on a plate and add a pinch of Fleur de sel.

Lemon-1 lemon

Cut the lemon in half and place it on the plate. Use the juice to season the Schnitzel.


That’s it!  Tell me, do you love Wiener Schnitzel?

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