The Story Of The Guanabana

“Thank you for the exceptional service!” is a phrase I often hear from our guests. I believe the service, among others, is what sets aside Capella Hotels. We don’t have a script on how to ‘act’ and achieve that ‘beyond’. It is how we are and how we care about our guests.

Capella Ixtapa is full of wonderful stories from our team.  Recently I heard a story involving Ciro, a server in the restaurant that I had to share with you.

We had a couple from Europe staying with us and dining for the first time at the Seafood Restaurant. The evening was beautiful, it was a starry night, the waves were crashing on the rocks beneath us and the guests were enjoying a perfect dinner.  They engaged in a conversation with Ciro, who explained how our chefs include fresh and local produce into the menu, while adding a twist to the what could be a completely classic dish.


One example from the dessert menu is the cheesecake.  It is covered with a mousse from guanabana, a fruit we grow locally in Guerrero, Mexico.  Our guests loved the mousse so much, and were excited to get to know such a quintessential Mexican fruit. They promised to come to the restaurant for the same dessert the next night as well.

The next day came, and the couple again visited the restaurant.  Ciro had a special surprise: two freshly picked guanabana!  Ciro and his family have guanabana trees at their ranch close to his home.  So, after seeing the couples’ excitement the night before, he decided to specially harvest the fruit!  Needless to say, the couple was overjoyed to have their own whole guanabana fruit and thanked Ciro for making that extra effort.

It is exactly this sort of thoughtfulness that makes working at and visiting Capella Ixtapa so special.

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