Breidenbacher Hof’s Yellowfin Tuna With Coriander-Cucumber Salad

Summer is just around the bend!  I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite time of the year. And this is due to several reasons. On the one hand, you can spend a lot of time outside and enjoy nature and on the other hand a lot of summery treats are waiting to be tested!

One of my favorite dishes is Breidenbacher Hof’s Chef Michael Reinhardt’s marinated yellowfin tuna with coriander-cucumber salad.  I absolutely had to share with you!


Marinated yellowfin tuna with coriander-cucumber salad & Watercress

320g Center piece of tuna filet
1 Cucumber
1 Bunch of cilantro
8 Quail eggs
1 Small bowl of watercress
1 Small bowl of edible blossoms
1 Small bowl with yellow lettuce frisee
Sea salt, sugar, ground pepper
Olive oil


  • Boil the Quail eggs for 2 minutes, quickly chill them (so not to overcook) and remove shell
  • First peel the cucumber and then use the peeler to create tagliatelle-like strips of cucumber
  • Lightly salt and leave them marinating for 20 minutes
  • Discard of any water and season the cucumbers with sugar and pepper, then add the chopped cilantro
  • Season Tuna with salt and pepper.  Then quickly sauté [FOR HOW LONG?] on each side, creating a sear along the outside.  Allow tuna to cool.
  • Carefully dress the serving dish with the cucumber pasta. (Tip: Try using kitchen tweezers!)
  • Slice the tuna and pour a small amount of olive oil on the slices, seasoning each with a pinch of sea salt.  Place the tuna on the cucumber.
  • Finally, top with quail eggs, watercress, blossoms and frisee.

Hope you enjoy this warm weather salad as much as I do!

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