Zeitgeist Recipients At Breidenbacher Hof

I love to share behind-the-scenes stories from Breidenbacher Hof, A Capella Hotel and thought it would be great to introduce the Zeitgeist Award.  Now you are probably wondering what this “Spirit of the Moment Award” is!  At each of the Capella Hotels the Zeitgeist Award is given to employees for embodying the true Capella spirit.

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of the recipients:

Our Rooms Division Trainee Linda Müller started out as Guest Service Agent until the Executive Office was in desperate need of an assistant.  Without any hesitation she took over this important position and was of great support immediately.  Linda faces challenges without hesitation and picks up tasks in no time.

Scott Nelson started out as an apprentice and joined us at a time when the service team needed additional support.  Scott happily jumped from the restaurant, to the bar, to in-room dining, filling in wherever and whenever.  Scott did such a great job that he was offered a traineeship!

Another great example of an outstanding Zeitgeist Award winner is our Japanese Guest Service Agent Keiko Berger.  Last year, when Japan was struck by natural disaster, Keiko was unable to reach her family to confirm their safety.  However, she did not let that deter her from doing her job.  Instead she remained at her position smiling and caring for guests- as though it were a normal day!  Of course she flew to Japan at the first opportunity, where she was able to confirm her family was safe.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our Zeitgeist Award winners.  These are just a few of the people that make Breidenbacher Hof such an amazing hotel.

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