2012 General Manager’s Meeting

One of the things that makes Capella unique is our culture.  And to make sure that our culture remains common, we have the Canon Card to remind us of our basic tenants and beliefs.  That, in conjunction with our daily lineup, helps to ensure that each Capella property is making the same commitment day in and day out.  Of course at the property level, this commitment is passed down from the General Manager to the rest of the Capella family.

The Capella General Managers and much of the Corporate Team. 

This past week the General Managers had the opportunity to come together.  I was lucky enough to be included in on these meetings and thought I would give you an idea of what takes place during them.

The General Managers Meeting is a time of alignment.  In addition to each properties GM, members from the Corporate Offices meet together to discuss company philosophies, standards, goals and much more.  It is a time to discuss the systems that are created to fulfill guests’ desires.

I love hearing stories from each of the properties and seeing how there is a real give and take between everyone present.  As Vice President of Sales, Mr. Kit Pappas observed, “Have a problem?  I guarantee that another hotel has faced and solved that same issue.  All you have to do is ask!”

Isiah Thomas surprises the General Managers with some inspiration.

Another highlight from the conference was a surprise visit from basketball legend Isiah Thomas.  We were all excited to be in the presence of basketball greatness!  For me, Mr. Thomas’ emphasis on knowing our tenants and allowing them to guide every action was particularly poignant.

At the end of the week I asked our Chairman, Mr. Horst Schulze, what he took away from the meeting.  His answer, “Based on our customer and employee satisfaction and the commitment of our leadership, it is clear that we are on the way to becoming the global leader in the hospitality industry.”  Clearly, it was a very successful meeting!



  1. Seth Miller says:

    I am a former employee of The Setai Fifth Avenue and I was one of the opening team members who worked with the Engineering team including Mike Cupolo, Lenny Lopez and Carlos Lebron.
    After approximately 1 year, I had applied for a position in a Courtyard in N.J. which, according to the GM/AGM of the property felt I wasn’t a “good fit” for the hotel and I was let go. I immediately called Jackie Nixon to see if “my” position with the hotel was still available. It was not.
    Currently, I am working, again, for the Ritz-Carlton Westchester as an Engineer on 2nd and 3rd shift.
    Once at The Setai Fifth Avenue, I experienced something that I hadn’t experienced in quite a long time. That was: people who had a passion for the hospitality industry. A team that was overwhelmingly happy to MAKE SURE every guest who stayed @ The Setai was happy, comfortable and would return, over and over and over again.
    I was a hotel mechanic and happy in the position, even though I worked with people who were “green” in the industry.
    Well, that all changed! Every one of the engineering team members had a passion (and still do) for making the guest have the ultimate stay at the ultimate boutique hotel in NYC!
    If I ever have a chance to work with The Capella Hotels again, I will not give it up.
    I made great friends there, which I still have, and the comraderie was/is amazing.
    The manager’s who I worked with including Surachit (DoE), Wassim (overnight F/D manager), Brian Fahey and the rest of the staff are truly amazing.
    We lived by the Canon Card and the tenants of Capella.
    I look forward to the day when I can rejoin Capella Hotels and work with another awesome crew.
    I also know that the QIAF’s are an integral part of the whole Capella experience with regard to the guests.
    One final item, about 6 months past the opening date, one day I was on shift, when the operator said she had a phone call for me. When I answered the phone, it was a previous guest who had lauded me, because of the care I had taken of him.
    He requested that I set up his bed as I had previously done during his 1st stay to the hotel. I.E.: he had asked that I place a piece of masonite under the mattress as he felt the Dux beds @ The Setai Fifth Avenue were too soft. He asked about a piece of plywood and I explained that I felt it would be too rigid for him. I told him I would be happy to, and set up his bed along with a housekeeping houseman, Ivan.
    We worked together, put the masonite under the mattress, and reset the bed so no others had to be involved. We left the room in perfect condition.
    When he arrived, everything was perfect again for his stay.
    I believe he stays at The Setai on a regular basis, now.
    All the best

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