Sightseeing in Düsseldorf: Schloss Benrath

There are many reasons for travelling to Düsseldorf.  And not just in the city center. One sight particularly rich in history and culture is Schloss Benrath (Benrath castle), which is located about 10km outside the city.

The castle was built from 1755 until 1773 and has been a landmarked monument since 1984. The same applies for the beautiful parkway.

The castle consists of the main building, the Cops de Logis and two gatehouses at each flank. The outside buildings are home to two museums: the Museum for European Horticulture and the Museum for Natural History.  The Corps de Logis is mainly used as a venue for exhibitions and events such as concerts and other cultural activities. Additionally, the basement of the castle accommodates a collection of original stone sculptures.

Apart from the exciting events and museums, I am really impressed by the décor throughout the buildings and grounds.  Everything is inspired by the surrounding nature.  There are details of flowers, fruits and more.  No matter where you look there is always something to discover!

Beyond the castle is the parkway.  It consists of several gardens, all different and all fascinating.  I love to visit during the spring and summer when all of the flowers are in bloom! And with a size of over 600.000 square meters the parkway provides a lot of space to relax and revive- perfect for a picnic.

And?  What do you think?  Isn’t Schloss Benrath beautiful?

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