Magnificent Whales of Baja

Every winter in Baja California Sur we are a witness to an amazing natural phenomenon, that we all look forward to with great enthusiasm and expectations – the arrival of the whales.  Every year virtually the entire population of Grey Whales makes a 5,000 miles migration from the cold waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea to the warm water lagoons of the Baja Peninsula.  Grey Whales, often accompanied by Blue, Fin and Humpback Whales, come to Baja waters, where from mid-December to mid-March they feed, give birth, nurse their offspring and play.

Grey and Humpback whales enjoy showing off for crowds by spouting and breaching, leaping almost completely out of the water.  It is such a pleasure watching how the moms teach their babies to jump and play!  Last winter a whale came very close to Capella Pedregal beach, and together with the guests, I was amazed to see her breach and play in front of us.

Even from the shore guests can watch the whales breach and leap, but the best experience is definitely taking a whale watching tour (be sure the tour operator is certified for whale-watching!).  While you can take a whale watching tour in Cabo San Lucas, I recommend a whale-watching trip at Magdalena Bay or Puerto San Carlos, where Gray whales find the optimum conditions for their nurseries (if you stay at Capella Pedregal have your Personal Assistant plan it). These lagoons are government protected marine parks, and access for whale watching is only allowed on permit basis.

Of all the natural experiences in the world, I am certain you’ll never forget a close encounter with a gentle, 30-ton whale!  Who knows, you may get lucky and even have a chance to pet a whale!


  1. Baja looks simply amazing! I’m sure that whale watching must be a lot of fun at this location.

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