A Very Personal Christmas at Capella Pedregal

Winter and especially Christmas is one of the most beautiful seasons in Cabo San Lucas. The weather is gorgeous, we have sunny days with 60 – 80 F, the town is very vivid, and the whale season has just started.  Watching them breach the waters along the shore at Capella Pedregal is one of my favorite sights.  But most of all I love that during the Christmas season we get to spend more quality time with our family, friends and co-workers.

At Capella Pedregal we have a tradition very dear to me: every Christmas each of the employees decorates his or her own Christmas ornament, which we hang on a special Employee’s Christmas tree. This year each of us decorated our own whale. We chose a whale as the year’s Christmas ornaments, because “ballena” or a “whale” is a symbol of Baja California Sur.

This year 350 whales, decorated beautifully by 350 employees, are hung on two employee Christmas trees. Each whale represents every individual’s talent and personality. The trees are located one on each side of the main hotel lobby, and symbolize our warm welcome to each guest, wishing a wonderful experience at Capella Pedregal, and happy holidays.

Happy holidays from the whole team at Capella Pedregal!

(En Español)

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