Feng Shui In Singapore

Just recently, I attended the Sentosa Feng Shui Trail with a friend.  Feng shui is the ancient Chinese ideas of aesthetics.  Chinese believe that the cosmic laws of heaven and earth help to channel positive energy into a particular environment.  Consequently, by possessing certain items and then positioning them accordingly, one has the ability to ward off negative energy.  Here on Sentosa, a predominately Chinese society, examples of feng shui can be found everywhere.

The Sentosa Feng Shui Trail is an educational walk about the island that looks at some of the most significant examples of feng shui.  My favorite site was a large piece of Jadeite located in the heart of Sentosa.  Jade is a special element of feng shui because it is believed to have numerous healing properties as well as the power to replace negative energy with positive energy.

Even here at Capella, we’re more than just heritage buildings and lush greenery.  When Sir Norman Foster designed the building, he cleverly integrated the old world charm of the two heritage buildings Tanah Merah I and II with, with elements of feng shui.  From a bird’s eye view, it can be seen that the new construction creates a Figure 8 when joined by the colonial buildings.  The number 8 is considered auspicious in the Chinese culture because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.  Even the word for eight in mandarin is pronounced “bā” (八) sounds similar to the word fā (发), which means wealth.

There are of course many more elements of feng shui both here at Capella Singapore and throughout the country.  Having the opportunity to enjoy the Sentosa Feng Shui Trail was a great reminder of this.  This is one of the many reasons I love getting to know our magical island.


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