Chinese Cuisine

Recently, I was preparing a menu for a media guest who was interested in attending a tasting at Cassia, Capella Singapore’s Chinese restaurant.  I couldn’t help but marvel at the creativity of the menu dishes – a blend of traditional infused with a modern twist. That was when I realised how much Chinese food in Singapore has actually evolved.

Due to the enormity of China and the many different tribes and provinces, Chinese cuisine is extremely varied.  From the “Sichuan” style food from southwest China, known for its use of garlic, chilli peppers and peppercorns, to the “Shandong” cuisine of northern China, which makes use of seafood (especially Abalone), China has a range of culinary options.

Given the varied culture and the assortment of gastronomic styles from the different provinces of China, it is not difficult to imagine the endless possibilities of creating new and vibrant dishes. Take for example Cassia’s Abalone “Siew Mai” dish.  It is a combination of “Siew Mai,” a traditional signature item found in “Dim Sum” and complimenting it with abalone, an ingredient often found in “Shandong” cuisine.

Truly, Chinese cuisine is more than just the simple plain white rice with a few cooked proteins that Westerners are accustomed to.  Chinese cuisine is truly an evolutionary palette of taste, color and artistic flair.

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