The Versatile Jamaica Flower

One of the things that I love about Ixtapa is its tropical climate.  Here, it is summer year round!   As a result, we always have an abundance of plants, flowers and fruits available.  One of the most spectacular examples of this is the Jamaica plant.



You may know the Jamaica plant as the hibiscus.  It is said that this plant arrived to Acapulco, Mexico, on the ships coming from India as part of the trade of products between the New Spain and Asia. In Mexico, hibiscus grows as a bush, reaching heights up to 3 meters, with beautiful red, pink or yellow flowers. The flowers are used in a variety of forms; one of the most common is the tea preparation.  This tea has become popular throughout the world and throughout the ages.  In fact, it was considered a royal tea among the Egyptian pharaohs.

In Mexico, our most popular preparation is known as “El agua de Jamaica” or Jamaica water.  Not only does it taste great (I love how refreshing it is!), but it is also rich in vitamin C and minerals.  We also use the hibiscus for jams and as a preserve to accompany meat dishes (which next to the Jamaica water is my favorite!).  Here at Capella Ixtapa, the Jamaica flower is also central to many of our spa treatments.  Clearly, this is a versatile plant!



And while the Hibiscus has played a role in many cultures, I would like to argue that in Mexico we have found some of the best utilizations.  Have you enjoyed any of the above hibiscus preparations?


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