Interview with Cyrus Heydarian

It’s a warm summer evening. Dusk is falling as we sit in the homey kitchen. I am invited to join the Heydarian family for dinner.  This is a great opportunity for me to get to the know Breidenbacher Hof’s General Manager.

Cyrus quickly throws the remaining ingredients in the pot, sets the time and the temperature.

“Kids, dinner will be ready in 20 minutes!” he calls—just enough time to play in the garden with his one-year-old daughter and his 5 years old son. Tonight, daddy is in charge, giving mom an opportunity to relax.

“I enjoy it; I love these evenings with my children”, Cyrus admits. He cooks, entertains the kids, tells a bedtime story and kisses them good night.

When Nayla and Nouri finally fall asleep, Cyrus laughs, “Sometimes I don’t know how my wife is able to manage everything!  Running the hotel seems much easier than putting the kids to bed.”

He leans back in his comfy garden chair and we start with the interview.

What are the origins of your name?
My first name is Persian and stands for sun (among many other things); the surname originates in Armenia although my direct ancestors are Persians.

What do you like about Düsseldorf?
I like Düsseldorf because of the city’s complexity – there are so many different sides this town has to offer: the Königsallee, the Old Town and the Media Harbor are some examples.  Especially, the people in this town are exceptionally open-minded and likeable – the amount of outstanding characters is fascinating.  Furthermore, the fact that Düsseldorf is a major business center makes this location so interesting.

What are your values and why? How do you apply these?
Honesty, trustworthiness, respect – for me, those are the values that create the basis for interpersonal relationships.  The pinnacle of this would be loyalty (which also plays a role in my professional life) and last but not least love – which is not meant to be limited to friends and family, but also includes interpersonal relationships in general.  This is discussed too seldom in Germany.  We all know people who we love for something, like a character trait or a special talent.

How did you get into the hotel business?
It was my mother’s passion to cook for and host guests and family.  This led me into the business.

To what extent do you separate your professional and private life?
For a long time it was almost impossible for me to do so since my family and I lived in the hotel I worked at for several years. But these days there is a clear cut  separation (except for a quick look at my android cell phone sometimes ;-)), especially because of the kids.

How do you spend your free time?
Spending time with my children and my family, jogging, playing golf – all of these relax me (most of the time).

When not staying at a Capella, what is your favorite destination?
Schlosshotel Münchhausen in Weserbergland, Germany.

What upsets you most?

If you would travel to a lonely island, what five things would you take with you?
My Thermomix (blender), a Bordeaux wine from 1989, my Ipad, solar panels and a lifeboat.

What is your favorite meal?
Bohemian dumplings and Königsberg meatballs.

If you weren’t a general manager, what would you do?
Entertainer- often it is almost the same thing!


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