Getting To Know Capella Pedregal’s Peter Bowling

(En Español)


Recently I had the opportunity to attend one of the Capella Pedregal Tuesday Night Cocktail Parties with General Manager Peter Bowling, and his lovely wife Kathy.  These cocktail parties are an opportunity for the property’s Leadership Team to get to know each guest on a more intimate basis.  I had called Peter in advance and asked if we could sit down and talk about his journey over the past two years as the General Manager of one of the most beautiful hotels in Mexico.  He agreed, and invited me to come a little early with my questions in hand.

We sat down in Su Cocina (Spanish for Your Kitchen) for a beverage and began the interview:

How have you and your wife Kathy adjusted to Baja life?
Kathy and I left England 25 years ago and we have lived in resort destinations all over the world.  Neither of us had any preconceived ideas about the Baja lifestyle before we arrived.  We found the people very warm and welcoming and we love the Mexican culture, full of history and traditions.  There is a sense of positive energy in the Baja that I have never experienced before.  It’s magical, yet very real.

What do you enjoy most about working at Capella Pedregal?
I feel blessed to be in a place where I know something good is always going to happen each day, someone celebrating their anniversary, on their honeymoon, spending time with their families—all making memories that will last a lifetime.  It feels very special to be able to be a part of their lives and to be with a team of people that are committed to making this happen every day.

What do you do to relax and get away from this 24-hour operation?
I love to spend time with Kathy enjoying our lovely home here in Pedregal.  We love to dine with our friends and explore new places in the Baja.  We are also very committed to taking care of our minds, bodies and souls through healthy eating and exercise.  I even workout with the hotel’s personal trainer, Carlos, three days a week!
Kathy and I also plan a trip abroad for a minimum of 2 weeks each year to visit our family and friends.  Of course for them, our home sounds like a grand vacation!

What is the “Best Kept Secret” in the Resort?
Our company philosophy is “If there weren’t any rules, what would you create?”  We want our guest to have whatever they want, whenever they want it.  If you want to have dinner on the beach at three in the morning, we will make it happen.  If you want breakfast during the lunch hour, our chef will make it.  Check in as early as you want and stay as late as you can.

I love the energy at these Tuesday night Cocktail Parties.  What are the ingredients that make these parties such a huge success?
It is our job to know everything we can about our guests before they arrive on property.  From the pre-arrival phone call made by the guest’s assigned personal assistant, to the moment we say goodbye, each member of our team works to make sure that each guest’s dreams are fulfilled.  The cocktail party is just another way that we can bring our staff together with our guests to get to know them better.  It’s a time for guests to socialize in a relaxed setting, while sharing their experiences with our staff and with each other. Kathy and I have been hosting cocktail parties for many years and I have to say that the ingredients to a successful party are the people that attend.

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