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Romance in Saint Lucia

Valentine’s Day sets the perfect tone for February, making it the ultimate month of romance. Whether cozied up in cold weather or adventuring in the sun, I love having an excuse to give romance the attention it deserves. Of course, here in St. Lucia, every time of year offers countless opportunities to celebrate love. In the […]


Valentine’s Cocktail: The Rose Of Valentino

Every year as Valentine’s Day nears, I can’t help but think of the history of this day dedicated to love.  There is a lot of debate regarding the origins, but my favorite is the legend of Italian bishop, Valentin of Terni.  Valentin of Terni was said to marry forbidden couples such as slaves and soldiers and after the ceremony he […]


Valentinstags-Cocktail: The Rose of Valentino

Jedes Jahr, wenn der Valentinstag naht, frage ich mich, woher dieser Feiertag der Liebenden seinen Ursprung hat. Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Versionen der Geschichte, aber meine Lieblingslegende ist die des italienischen Bischofs “Valentin von Terni”. Valentin von Terni, so sagte man, verheiratete Paare, die zu seiner Zeit verboten waren, wie zum Beispiel Sklaven und Soldaten. […]

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5 Must-Have Lunar New Year Goodies

Lunar New Year celebrations are in full swing and delicious snacks have started to pile up in the pantry.  Some of my all-time favourites include buttery pineapple tarts, spicy shrimp rolls and sweet nian gao (sticky cake).  In fact, these traditional goodies are not just delicious; the Chinese put a lot of thought into the symbolism that […]

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5 Romantic Activities in Singapore

I love going on dates!  There’s truly no better way for a couple to bond than setting out on adventures and experiencing new things together.  And since February is the month of love, I’ve rounded up five of the most romantic activities in Singapore.  With a little advanced planning, your Valentine’s Day will be nothing short […]


The Farmer’s Market at Capella Marigot Bay Marina Village

The new Farmer’s Market at Capella Marigot Bay’s Marina Village is one of my new favorite events! Indulging in fresh local produce is something of a hobby of mine and I love to take full advantage of the delicious fruits and vegetables native to this stunning tropical climate. If you have yet to try a fresh St. […]


Woman’s Carnival Day in Dusseldorf

As I’ve mentioned before, Dusseldorf is one of the best cities to celebrate carnival in Germany. Carnival, which we also call the 5th season, actually starts in November: The 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour and 11th minute. But the real highlight of the carnival season follows in February during the final […]