St. Lucia’s Castries Market

Sometimes when I travel abroad, I long to experience and taste the local culture and cuisine of the country that I am visiting.   This beautiful island of Saint Lucia is home to many local dishes prepared from produce grown right here on the island.  The one place where you can get all that your heart […]

Capella Ixtapa Historical And Cultural Tour

The Historical And Cultural Tour of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Mexico has one of the richest cultural histories in the world.  I love learning about the Aztecs, pyramids, ancient food and styles of living.  I love meeting natives and listening to their stories.  That’s why I was so excited when Capella Ixtapa’s Personal Assistant Christian arranged for the Historical And Cultural Tour of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, which included […]

El tour histórico y cultural de Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

México es uno de los países más ricos en cultura del mundo.  Me encanta aprender sobre los Aztecas, las pirámides, cocina prehispánica y estilos de vida pasados.  Me gusta conocer a gente de raíz indígena y escuchar sus historias.  Es por esto que me emocioné mucho cuando nuestro Asistente Personal Christian me organizó el tour […]

Bike & Roll DC Resized

Capella Washington D.C.’s Mount Vernon Bike Tour

I arrived to Capella Washington, D.C., Georgetown on a gorgeous spring morning in April with my great friend as we prepared for a day’s journey to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, one of the iconic homes from 18th-century America.  Naturally, I crave adventure and outdoor exercise, so the moment I discovered this unique biking and […]


Capella Pedregal’s Signature Todos Santos Day Tour

There are so many wonderful towns in and around Los Cabos and visiting them is something both locals and tourists love to do.  One of the most popular day tours is a trip to the idyllic town Todos Santos, which translates to All Saints.  According to legend, the city takes its name from the saints hung outside […]


Exclusivo Tour de Capella Pedregal a Todos Santos

Hay tantos maravillosos pueblitos  alrededor de Los Cabos,  y visitarlos es algo que tanto a locales como turistas les encanta hacer. Una de las excursiones por el día más populares, es un viaje al idílico pueblo de Todos Santos. Según la leyenda, la ciudad toma su nombre de los santos colgado fuera de las casas […]


Capella Singapore’s Insider’s Guide To Singapore

Singapore, often synonymous with its tall skyscrapers and giant shopping centres, also has a rich tapestry of culture and history that is sometimes overlooked.  However, to fully appreciate present day Singapore, it is essential that we look back to the past and appreciate the firm foundations on which our future has been laid.  It was […]