15. Sunrise Yoga

Discover The Wellness Retreat at Capella Singapore

I love exploring the furthest corners of the world.  However, very often, I find myself returning from a vacation feeling like I need another one to recover from the first.  So after all the excitement of New Year, Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year, I finally decided that it was time to take a quieter sort […]


Take A Catamaran Sunset Cruise To The Pitons

Saint Lucia is a gorgeous island and one of the best ways to take in and enjoy all the stunning sights it has to offer, is by sea! Thankfully, Capella Marigot Bay is also a Marina, making it extra easy to find the perfect boating experience to suit your desires. One of my personal favorites […]


Recipes For Early Spring: Marinated Salmon with Orange Whiskey Sauce

I would have never expected a perfect dish for the transition to springtime really exists – until our Chef, Philipp Ferber proved me wrong.  His Marinated Salmon with Orange Whiskey Sauce combines winter spices with springlike citrus flavor, which I was lucky enough to taste, strikes a perfect balance as the weather slowly begins to shift. […]


Kulinarischer Übergang von Winter zu Frühling

Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass es das perfekte Gericht gibt, um die Frühlingszeit einzuläuten – bis unser Küchenchef Phillip Ferber mich vom Gegenteil überzeugte. Sein marinierter Lachs mit Orangen-Whiskeytunke kombiniert Wintergewürze mit frühlingshaften Zitrusaromen. Da ich mich schon nach den ersten Sonnenstrahlen sehne, habe ich mich direkt dazu bereit erklärt diese neue Kreation zu probieren. […]

snuba st. lucia

Have an Underwater Adventure With Snuba in St. Lucia

  Most people see the word “snuba” and think it’s probably just a typo, but don’t worry, I didn’t accidentally misspell the word “scuba.” Snuba is actually a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving, combining the best aspects of both activities. And St. Lucia happens to be one of the best places to participate in […]

Cassia's signature Lou Hei

An Unforgettable Lunar New Year

Every Lunar New Year’s Eve, if I’m not abroad, you can expect me to be having dinner with my family.  By family, I mean all 23 of them from my 93-year-old grandmother to my 2-year-old niece.  It is something my grandmother insists on—she believes a person who forgets tradition, forgets family. Like any cosmopolitan city, […]


6 Reasons You Should Visit Capella Ixtapa and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

At Capella Ixtapa we recently celebrated our 6th anniversary.  I still remember the day when we opened the resort, and can’t believe the time has passed by so quickly.  In these 6 years we have met many wonderful people from all over the world, and created many beautiful memories and friendships.  If you haven’t visited […]